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Maximum Power With Intelligence Sensor

  • The intelligence Sakura USA Co. LLC sensor changes the motor speed automatically on the volume and heat of cooking fume; the motor has also a stand-by mode feature to minimize the use of energy.

Bright Halogen Lights

  • 2 focused halogen lights with LED indicator generate the brightest lights you need

Super Quiet Motor

  • operate automatically at the lowest revolution speed, as low as 0.5 sone

Optimum Power

  • Dual Centrifugal heavy-duty motors and dual turbo blow wheels fully coated with non-stick Teflon material produce up to 680 CFM venting power.

Unique Design

  • One-piece construction for more streamline modern look and easier to clean

Multiple Usages

  • Can double up as a ventilator to enhance indoor air circulation

Low Maintenance

  • Our patented 3-D Quattro Grease Catchers eliminate cooking pollutant, prevent oil drip and clean easily. No unsightly greasy filters or hard to reach dead corners.

Life Time Warranty On Motors

  • Powerful turbo hood with life-time warranty on motors and one year on parts and labor



  • 耗電更低,功能更強,油煙大時,馬達自動加快,當油煙小時,馬達自動放慢,同時本機更俱有 ”Stand By” (待命)功能的獨家設計,將電力的消耗降至最低.


  • 前排:大型強力雙馬達


  • 超靜音可低至0.5 sones, 仍俱有強力抽油煙功能.


  • 保持扇葉和機體內部清潔,不用拆洗.
  • 立體集油及濾油網,防止滴油的情況.
  • 濾油網可以清洗,更換便宜.