R7730 / R7770

Download R7730 dimension details / 下載 R7730 詳細尺吋

Download R7770 dimension details / 下載 R7770 詳細尺吋

High Efficiency Motor

  • R7730: The Powerful motor with dual speed, 680 CFM at speed III, 350 CFM at speed II, and 220 CFM at speed I.
  • R7770: The Powerful motor with dual speed, 395 CFM at speed I and 680 CFM at speed II.

Patented Grease Trapping & Filters Design

  • 2 Grease collectors at front and a layer of thin aluminum filter not only can extracts most of grease in the air before the fumes enter to the interior of the range hood; but also prevent grease and oil from dripping. Easy to wash and inexpensive to replace filters.

Bright Halogen Lights

  • Two 20W focused halogen lights with LED indicator generate the brightest lights you need

The height of the decorator hoods can be adjusted

  • The height of the decorator hoods can be customized to meet your design requirement (the height of range hood can be up to 39.5 inches)

LEDs touch controls indicate the selection

Sound level to a maximum of 1 sone

6 Inch Round Vertical Ducting







符合 UL 標準規定